Natural Stones: Perfect and Stylish for an Exotic Home Designing

Natural Stones: Perfect and Stylish for an Exotic Home Designing

Natural stones have been used for different purposes in almost all civilizations from several years. Now-a-days, these stones are used for various decorative purposes in the field of construction, and are obtained from each corner of the world. Each stone is different from one another in terms of finish, texture, color and grade, giving you a vast choice to create unique and beautiful masterpiece. Some of the popularly used stones for construction are:

Sharjah 1. Granite – This natural stone is resistant to scratch, stains and high heat, and is most commonly used in the construction of monuments, commercial establishments and institutional building. It is famous for its unique colors and patterns, enduring value and durability. If high maintenance, permanence, lasting color and texture, and absolute freedom from corrosion are your prime concern, use this natural stone.

Ruby-Red_NEW 2. Limestone – It is hard, solid and compact in nature and absorbs very less amount of water. The surface texture of this natural stone is very fine grained; therefore, it is also termed as grainstone. It is highly durable and has no artificial coloring agents to fade. Also, it easily adapts to different architectural styles; therefore, perfect to enhance the look of any building or construction.


3. Sandstone – This natural stone is hard, fine grained and compact in nature, and is composed of sand-size minerals. Most of the sandstones are composed of Quartz and Feldspar (the two most common minerals under the earth crust). The versatile nature of the sandstone makes it suitable for most interior and exterior applications that include roofing, flooring and claddings.


4. Marble – It is very popularly known stone, and Greek Statues and Roman Baths are some of its finest examples. It has been used for centuries for exterior and interior applications. It is very hard in nature, but softer than granite. Commonly, it is used for bathrooms, fireplaces and bar-tops. This natural stone is basically classified into 4 groups: Group A, B, C and D, depending upon their level of hardness.


5. Slate – It is a type of metamorphic rock, and is sturdy, dense, non-absorptive and acid resistant in nature. It has been used in construction for centuries and is prime choice of astute contractors, architects, builders and designers.


6. Quartzite – It is also a type of metamorphic rock, and is hard and non-foliated in nature. Pure quartzite are found in shades of white and grey; though it occurs different shades of red and pink, due to varying amounts of iron oxide.


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