Sandstone: Quintessential choice for living spaces

Sandstone: Quintessential choice for living spaces

If we talk about evergreen stone options for homes and indoors, nothing matches the subtlety and multipurpose applications of sandstone and limestone. There is a reason why sandstone remains at a high place in the preferences of Interior Designers and Architects. The applications of sandstone know no bounds whether it comes to interiors or exteriors.

Geographical Formation

Sedimentary rock composed mainly of sand-sized minerals or rock grains. Most sandstone is composed of quartz and feldspar. Sandstones vary widely in color due to different minerals and clays found in the stone. Sandstone is light gray to yellow or red. In the current day, sandstone is regarded as one of the most chosen options for home floorings & surfaces and tops because of its longevity, and its ease of usage to recreate multiple kinds of aesthetics.

Application of Sandstone in Indoor Walls

Unlike other natural stones, Sandstone is available in a kaleidoscopic variety of different colors, hues, textures and finishes. When it comes to choosing sandstone as a natural stone for interiors, one can make a good choice. Stone Age has a vast selection of different kinds of sandstone, each one suitable for interior walls. If you have a knack for art, sandstone is the perfect canvas for decorative walls. Whether you go with a darker or a lighter shade or texture of sandstone, every variant of sandstone brings with itself a different kind of look.

Application of Sandstone in Indoor Floors

The applications of sandstone as a dynamic option on the indoor floor is nothing short of exemplary. Opting for a neutral shaded sandstone for the floor can create the illusion of depth and space in any room. Choosing a historic finish sandstone would offer a rustic look, while choosing the honed finish of sandstone would present a more graceful and contemporary look. There are many unique finish options available in this amazing natural stone and feel free to connect with the Stoneage team to know more.

At the same time, darker shaded sandstone is an excellent choice to create a contemporary look in any space. That is the beauty of sandstone i.e. It can be used to achieve different kinds of contrasting interior looks. Sandstone is primarily known for its anti-skid properties. Though it does require an extra notch of maintenance, it is durable and an evergreen stone option for indoor flooring.

Application of Sandstone in Exterior Floor i.e. Paving

It can be tricky to choose a good stone for exteriors. With sandstone, the decision making is not so difficult because of its universal applications. Sandstone is a good choice of stone for paving and other kinds of external usage. It can be used in an array of formations as a trusted option for driveways as well as gardens and garden furniture. While other natural stones are likely to lose their charm and finish with the passage of time, Sandstone only gets better in terms of texture and shade as time passes. It is strong, durable and unaffected by weather changes, hence making it a good option as an exterior flooring.

Application of Sandstone in Exterior Wall i.e. Facade

Whether you are going for an urban look or opting for a rustic or a contemporary touch, sandstone is an amazing option for exterior cladding tiles. With water resistant capabilities, sandstone turns out to be a perfect option for exterior facades. It is a classic stone that has the power to transform any facade into one that is timeless. Some of the most successful architects and interior designers of the world use sandstone as the most chosen option for their projects because of its versatility.

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