Make your Home Appearance Unique with Stone Wall Panels

Make your Home Appearance Unique with Stone Wall Panels

Wall panels are the materials that are used as an external and attractive covering for a wall. These are usually flat in shape or else molded in rectangular shape. These wall panels serve dual purposes i.e. they are functional as well as decorative in nature. Use of wall panels gives uniformity to the wall appearance, along with the durability and easy replaceability. These wall panels also provide insulation and soundproofing benefits.

 As decorative material, these wall panels make the interiors and exteriors of any home beautiful in every manner. As functional material, there usage reduces the cost of construction to some extent and give a uniform look to the walls or the paneled surface, eliminating the need of wall paint or any other finishing material. Also, if the wall is made-up from brick or concrete, these wall panels require finishing from only one side. In today’s time, different types and styles of wall panels are made and used for refreshing and unique appearance of the home. Stone wall panels are most commonly used for the same, on account of their durability and sturdy appearance. Also, they can be used to decorate walls of any room of the home, be it the living area, drawing room or most commonly the bathroom.

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Besides, these wall panels also come in a new form i.e. environment-friendly 3D panels that are made with fibrous residue of sugarcane. The fibers of the crushed sugarcane stalk act as the raw material (known as bagasse) to form the base of the 3D wall panels. The advantages of these eco-friendly wall panels are that the raw material used is 100% recyclable and is 100% biodegradable. Also, these 3D wall panels bring your home walls to life with their modern designs and textures.

When talking about the stone wall paneling, Stone Age is a big name on which you can rely on, when it comes to quality, durability and style. It is one of the leading suppliers and exporters of Indian natural stones and provides different types of stone panels for walls to give a stylish and reviving look to the walls of home or office interiors and exteriors. We use finest-quality natural stones for making wall panels in different styles and design that include

  • • Latitudes
  • • Latitudes- V
  • • Meridian
  • • Millau

All these types of stone wall panels are offered in various finishes and in an assortment of shades. They are offered in honed and riven finishes in the shades of Mint, Mayfair, Rimini, Copper, Lime Yellow, Kirkley, etc.

Buy your preferred style of wall panel from a range of natural stones and finishes to make your home interiors and exteriors alluring always.

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