Interior Decor trends for 2021

Interior Decor trends for 2021

The year 2021 is dominated by design trends that focus more on comfort than display. Since this is another year when most of us have to spend a lot of time at home, it is imperative for every individual to have a functional home with an approach of practicality and subtlety. The trending colours for decor in 2021 involve earthy shades of grey, beige, and of course the timeless white.

Even in the choice of stones for construction, interior designers and stylists are recommending to opt for separate design trends for kitchens with natural stones and a separate set of design trends for living rooms with natural stones. Keep reading to find out the top 4 Interior design trends of 2021 that you can totally incorporate in your own home.


Limestone for the Living Room

Limestone is a wonderful natural stone with the quality of keeping surroundings innately cool at all times. Not only is it timeless, but with the large variety of colors and textures that limestone has you can literally use it as one of the design trends of living rooms with natural stones and pull off a leading interior design trend of 2021.

Stone Age recommends: Sherbourne Limestone in Antiqued finish for the Living Room


Earthy Slate for the Kitchen

Stone Age offers a marvelous selection of stones suitable for the kitchen. According to design and trends, it is recommended to opt for a stone like Slate to build an evergreen kitchen. The reason why we recommend Slate specifically for the kitchen is because it is a moisture resistant and hypoallergenic stone in nature. It is also bacteria resistant which makes it an ideal option for the kitchen floor. Stone Age has a library of perfectly coordinated options for you to build your dream kitchen according to the interior trends of 2021.

Stone Age recommends: Peacock Slate in Riven Finish for the Kitchen


Neutral shades for the Floors

Let go of the dark shades such as reds and blues and greens, instead color your home using neutral shades such as white, beige or grey. Using neutral shaded colors and natural stones such as limestone and sandstone in the floor is one of the major design trends for living spaces with natural stones. Our Urbino Limestone and Charcoal Sandstone are some of the best options for interior floors. 

Stone Age recommends: Urbino Limestone in Historical Finish for the Floors


Quartzite for the Bathroom

Quartzite is a stone which is formed due to the metamorphosis of tiny quartz particles. This stone features a distinct sheen and gracefulness which cannot be found in any other stone. With an appearance that is similar to that of marble and properties similar to that of granite, Quartzite is a sought-after option for well-designed bathrooms.

Stone Age recommends: Silver Grey Quartzite in Polished Finish for the Bathroom

In all, whether we talk about design trends for living rooms with natural stones or if we talk about design trends for any other space, 2021 is all about comfort. Visit to get the best selection of stone products that are trending in 2021.